A Life of Art and Motorsport
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Welcome to my web page!! My name is Rachel Giles I have been painting, designing around the world for over thirty years. Please take a look at not only my recent adventures and accomplishments but also a bit of my life story of how I came to be an artist in the classroom to now being a world-renowned artist.

The list could go on forever, however these are what I have achieved most recently. As you can see, I am extremely versatile with all mediums, Please see list below with all I have been commissioned to do along with this I have added hyperlinks to each bullet point so that you can see the photos from the work I had to complete for the commission.



Commissioned me to travel around Europe to set and prop design for them in charge of multiple colleagues to help to deliver my vision. As well as this I had to design and deliver some internal artwork for the GOOGLE BUS that toured the whole of the U.K. 2019 promoting Hey GOOOGLE.


Festival of Speed – set designed for Vodaphone’s.

Revival – I was commissioned to set design, set dress and prop design for over several VIP areas all of which VIP this included Aston Martin, Range Rover and Ralph Lauren etc.

Secret Garden – This was a commission for the VIP area of Goodwood this entailed me being the stage artist I had to make it look plusher and more presentable. Qatar Race day and Glorious Goodwood I had to deliver for what I did similar to the Revival event listed above earlier in the paragraph.

2019 I was asked personally by Lord March to take over the Theme and Artwork in the VIP Area It was a 1940s Laundrette with the whole set being designed and completed by me.

John Lewis London

Stage Artist and Set Design a walk in Prop on the roof garden in Oxford street London.

Bacardi – I was commissioned to designed and paint the paint effects for the Bacardi Electric party Festival in Ireland. I painted from a cherry picker 30ft high the whole Set and Stage this artwork piece took over a five-days to complete and execute to my standards.

Marc Jacobs

Commissioned to deliver aspects of the London Daisy Launch including Props and Stage Artistry.

Ardbeg Festival

Commissioned to deliver the artwork for the Set and Props. This included designing and painting over 10ft high sign written, signage to look like distressed oak and Oak Barrell’s to match with the Ardbeg link logo artwork.

British Airways

Artwork design and Painting for a 20ft Float that took place in 2019 in Brighton Pride Festival promoting Equality in the workplace within the LGBTQ community.

American express

I carried out Artwork and made Props for the VIP Set in London.

Miss Selfridges

Designed and made concrete effect Props used in their London stores.


I painted the Global Travelling advertising Prop with 7ft rubber 3D tentacles to incorporate on to a massive display unit all of this was executed and completed by me personally.


Inputting my Design, completing and delivering the Painting of a 3D printed 8ft x 4ft model of London displayed at London’s World Cricket Finals


Scenic Artist for London TV Studios, working on the Cheaters series applying the artwork authenticating the set into a realistic London pubs toilets, Bedroom and Basement set.

I have design Logo’s, Race vans and Bike graphics along with Racing clothing for several Teams. I now have had the pleasure of designing my own personnel camper van’s Graphics and had it fantastically delivered by Mountain Logistics.

NETFLIX Scenic Artist and Prop maker for WHITE TIGER Bollywood Movie

Currently working on film sets for…

SKY FILMS scenic artist for , PSYCHO, MUMMA MIA & HOBBIT

Along with the list above I have added a few others I have completed recently. I have successfully achieved a variety of different art skills which include Interior Designing, Architectural Design, Calligraphy and Fabric Design. Fine China painting artist and Teacher. I have had international sports photography published in sports papers Globally and designed clothing for Wulf sports and had a denim clothing range for bikers. I’ve designed clothing and Team Designs for vans etc for over thirty years. I was previously manager and part owner of a local Bikers cafe in Hampshire which in 2016 was voted MCN top biker cafe.

This is where my art journey started, I was surrounded by art as a child my mother Roxana Giles she was an internationally known china painter and held seminars around the world including Europe, America and Asia. One of her biggest accomplishment was being commissioned by Bronte chine to help deliver the Time Capsule piece of art that was placed in the JFK Airport Canada Unveiled by H.R.H Queen Elizabeth II (add year of when this was done and story about the piece of art making this also a hyper link and PHOTOS) Demonstrating live are work and teaching her paintings, I was lucky to have attended these seminars and be inspired. I have Painted with some of the most famous fine china artists worldwide. Who of which painted in the traditional methods, Using a limited palette comprising of nine colours. These include, Milwyn Holloway who was a Worcester factory painter taught by the great Harry Davis, Rodger Shufflebotham who was a Caverswold painter and Laurence Woodhouse who was a painter for Ansley and American Stephen Hayes who paints with a more modern approach.  I also learnt how to use water colours from a traditional Walt Disney artist called Bob Eames.

For over thirty years I was a professional antique china, glass and plaster restorer. I have had hundreds of commissions reaching countries such as Canada, America, Italy and Australia, from Royalty, Dukes, Lords and Stately Homes.  I have held seminars teaching and demonstrating china painting for many years throughout the U.K.

My love for speed be it cars or motorcycles was also enjoyed from a small child as my father had motorcycles and fast cars. I started watching racing from as young as I can remember this sparked off my interest in motorsport and speed.

When I left school, I travelled with a side car cross GP team for ten years all over the World (add hyperlink and pictures). I held the flag for the Great Britain and other participating Countries. I looked after the team, cooked to cater for all their nutritional sport meals, pit girl as well as this I was in charge of their first aid and physio I never got payed to do this I did it because I adored the sport it was my and is my passion.

I help raise money for two wheels for life at Silverstone having my Art sold at Global auctions. Valento Rossi, Maverick Vinales, John Reynolds have my artwork and signed the Originals.

So now you have seen a little bit about me and my love of wheels and art, please be more than nosey at the rest of my website. Email or contact me on any of my social media platforms to enquire about commissions, prints, originals and any of my artwork/design. I will contact you back faster than my bike going round the M25.

So for now enjoy life’s ride on two wheels much love and well wishes,

Rachel Giles x